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Third or Fourth DUI Lawyer Cost

3rd or 4th DUI Lawyer Cost

The average cost to hire a lawyer for a third or fourth DUI offense is about $7,300 with average lawyer fees ranging from $6,000 to $12,000 in the US for 2019 according to Lawyers.com. The average case duration is about 7.8 months but ranges from 5 to 12 months.

Do You Have Pending DUI Charges?

It is a very serious crime to be driving under the influence but never more so than when the driver already has two or more previous convictions – it becomes increasingly probable the driver will be looking at a prison sentence! A recent survey of people convicted for DUI on two occasions (or more) was based around what happened when they were arrested for DUI once more with the purpose of discovering the duration, costs and outcomes for defendants with a history of multiple DUI convictions.

What’s The Likely Outcome Of A Third or Fourth DUI?

Of the respondents to the survey, thirty-three percent wound up with a DUI conviction that constituted a felony and more than half now carry the burden of a DUI conviction that is a misdemeanor and just over five percent pleaded no contest or not guilty to a lesser charge. The other five percent saw their charges dismissed or did not end up facing criminal charges primarily because of a low blood alcohol content reading. Those respondents convicted for the third or fourth time had around a fifty percent chance of being sent to prison. A similar fifty percent stated they had to have ignition interlock devices installed in their cars as well.

How Much Does A Third Or Fourth DUI Cost?

When averaged out from the respondents answers, the average mean cost was $7,300 – included in this were court ordered fines averaging $1,600, the same amount again for increased insurance premiums not to mention additional costs such as ignition interlock devices, bail costs, alcohol education courses and expenses and criminal defense attorney’s fees. Average attorney expenses and fees figured out at $2,700 but the price escalated when private DUI lawyers were hired to a mean of $4,000. However, it is very important to get an attorney as soon as you can. The total average cost does not include income lost by a defendant and fifty percent of the respondents said they had greater income loss than for their first DUI offense.

How Long Does a Third or Fourth DUI Take to Resolve?

From the moment our respondents were arrested to the time for everything to be finalized, the average time was 7.8 months. This was 2.5 months longer than first time DUI offenses.

Talk To A Lawyer

Understand this survey can in no possible way indicate what will happen in your individual circumstances. There are many other factors that will determine the outcome. That is why it is so important to consult with a criminal defense lawyer who knows the local DUI laws and understands the possible defenses that can be used as well as the penalties that may be incurred.

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