Adversary Proceedings

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Adversary Proceedings

Canterbury Law Group is uniquely qualified to represent debtors, creditors and trustees in bankruptcy cases. We are extremely experienced in adversary proceedings and have the knowledge and skill to solve your bankruptcy problems. We represent clients throughout the entire country with an emphasis on Arizona, California and Nevada.

An adversary proceeding in bankruptcy is a separately lawsuit filed within the bankruptcy case. Like most lawsuits, it starts when someone, such as the creditor or the bankruptcy trustee, files a complaint. Many bankruptcies go through to completion and discharge without any adversary proceedings but, of course, some do not.

A creditor or the bankruptcy trustee might bring an adversary proceeding to challenge the proposed discharge of a particular debt – perhaps alleging that it was incurred through fraud. For example, the trustee might seek to regain property that you transferred or sold to someone else prior to your bankruptcy. You can bring an adversary proceeding too. For example, in many districts, you can only get rid of junior liens on real estate through an adversary proceeding.

At Canterbury Law Group, each of our bankruptcy lawyers have a strong and dynamic presence, which assists in delivering our bankruptcy clients with maximum financial results. We have experience identifying and structuring cases to maximize your end result. We are your trusted financial partners through every step of your bankruptcy case.

As authorities in the bankruptcy industry, the team at Canterbury Law Group in Phoenix was uniquely formed to provide no-nonsense legal counsel for every type and stage of bankruptcy. Our attention, experience and sophistication allows for innovative resolutions that have a positive impact on clients.

When you choose Scottsdale-based Canterbury Law Group as your bankruptcy advisors, be confident in your selection. We limit the number and type of cases we undertake so clients receive our full attention. Our team also works closely on all of our matters, bringing a unique mix of expertise to all of our practice areas.

Most importantly, Canterbury Law Group solves your legal problems. Our lawyers are dealmakers, not deal breakers, and we will do everything in our power to deliver our legal services on time, and under budget so you can get back to your own dealings and life.

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