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15th Oct 2019

My Wife is Keeping My Child Away From Me? What to Do?

Getting a divorce is Arizona can be costly. However, how much you spend will depend on the type of divorce.
15th Oct 2019

Moving Out of State with No Custody Agreement in Arizona

Getting a divorce is Arizona can be costly. However, how much you spend will depend on the type of divorce.
13th Oct 2019

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Arizona? & Attorney Fees

Getting a divorce is Arizona can be costly. However, how much you spend will depend on the type of divorce.
8th Oct 2019

Child Abandonment

7th Oct 2019

My Wife Cheated On Me And I Want A Divorce

Getting a divorce is Arizona can be costly. However, how much you spend will depend on the type of divorce.
26th Aug 2019

What Is A Fair Prenup?

26th Aug 2019

Should I Get A Prenup?

1st Jul 2019

Divorce Checklist

16th May 2019

Types Of Bankruptcy

16th May 2019

How Bankruptcies Work

15th Apr 2019

What Is Family Law?

2nd Apr 2018

What to Do When You are Being Sued for Arizona Credit Card Debt

If a credit card owner has incurred considerable amounts of unpaid bills, the bank or the card agency has the right to sue the cardholder also known as the ‘debtor’.
7th Mar 2018

Reasons for Bankruptcy and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to bankruptcy, there is both good news and bad news. In 2017, bankruptcy filings fell by 3%. Good news, right?
1st Mar 2018

Three Tips to Enduring Divorce

Divorces are difficult for everyone. While nobody wants to go through the process of divorce, it is, of course, can be necessary.
28th Feb 2018

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Your life doesn’t end when you file for bankruptcy.
21st Feb 2018

Divorce Settlement in Arizona

Divorce settlement via private mediation is common in some states, where some courts may require couples to settle their problems before contested trial.
10th Feb 2018

Divorce and Taxes in Arizona

The tax season for 2018 starts on January 29. It can be a particularly stressful time, especially now that the national tax laws have changed.
15th Jan 2018

Holidays and Parenting Time in Arizona

The family courts in Arizona have a statutory requirement for divorcing couples with children to provide a holiday schedule.
8th Jan 2018

How to Handle Debt and Other Financial Problems in 2018

A brand new year is here, bringing with it exciting new possibilities.
1st Jan 2018

Should You Rush to Get a Divorce before 2019?

There’s been some public speculation in Arizona that couples who want to get a divorce should rush to do so before 2019 rolls around.
25th Dec 2017

The Truth about Holiday Season “Bad Credit” Loans

You don’t have to file for bankruptcy or hire a lawyer if you are not in debt
4th Apr 2017

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody in Arizona

The legal custodial parent will have the right to make decisions about the child’s education, religious teachings, and healthcare. There are different types of custody, but courts in Arizona do not favor one over the other.
28th Mar 2017

Divorce Tips from Attorneys

While emotions can play a role, it’s critical to maintain clear emotions when dividing assets in a divorce and reaching a custody agreement if there are any children. Here are several tips for Arizona divorcing couples from divorce lawyers who have seen it all:

20th Mar 2017

Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona

When you file for bankruptcy in Arizona, you are bound by state as well as federal laws. Before you file for bankruptcy, you need to know whether you actually need to. Most people who are deep in debt opt to file for Chapter 7, which provides a certain degree of debt relief, asset protection and management of existing debt.
7th Mar 2017

Tips on Filing for Bankruptcy

Certain types of bankruptcy filings can lead to elimination of at least some or all debt and a halt for collection calls. While bankruptcy can be devastating emotionally, it does have many benefits.
2nd Mar 2017

SB 1121 Makes It’s Way Through the Legislature… But Hold On!

What is SB 1121 and what does it mean for the pest control and landscaping industries?
27th Feb 2017

Family Law and Child Custody Information

Determining the custody of a child when divorcing is not easy. Child custody and the related laws are largely determined by state law, though certain federal policies may apply.
20th Feb 2017

Preparing for Divorce in the New Year

The Scottsdale divorce lawyers at Canterbury Law Group have represented hundreds of clients in Scottsdale divorce cases. Although every case is unique, there are certain steps that every potential divorcee should take:
14th Feb 2017

Obtaining a Restraining Order in Arizona

According to our state law, protective orders can be issued against a person for reasons including making repeated unwanted phone calls, emails, texts, physically injuring a person, threatening physical injury, trespassing on a person’s property or sending a person unsolicited and constant messages.
6th Feb 2017

Tips to Avoid Losing Money in the New Year

As we enter the New Year, we realize that many Scottsdale residents are trying to improve their financial affairs.
30th Jan 2017

Growing Trend of Prenups in 2017

Prenups are actually very common amongst all ages and classes of Americans, and they are set to increase in popularity even more through 2017.
25th Jan 2017

Child Custody Questions in Scottsdale

The family law attorneys at Canterbury Law Group have significant expertise in child custody issues and can capably guide you through the legal process.
16th Jan 2017

Child Custody Tips for the New Year

If you need assistance with your custody or joint parenting plan, contact the Phoenix divorce attorneys at Canterbury Law Group!
9th Jan 2017

New Years Resolutions for your Pest Control or Landscape Company

New Years Resolutions for your Pest Control or Landscape Company
6th Jan 2017

Tips to Avoid Losing Money in the New Year

Filing bankruptcy can seem overwhelming. However, at Canterbury Law Group, we will represent you through the entire process and fight diligently to secure your fresh financial start. Call us today to schedule your consultation.
29th Nov 2016

Gray Divorce After 50: The Increasing Importance of a Spouse Finding Employment

Emerging trends have recognized that Americans aged 50+ and older are getting divorced at a higher rate than younger people.
11th Nov 2016

4 Child Custody Tips to Incorporate Into The Holiday Season

A key driver of any divorce with children, after the dust settles, is a court enforceable joint parenting plan.
13th Apr 2016

Prenups in Scottsdale

13th Jun 2015

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