Decree Enforcement

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Decree Enforcement

A divorce Decree handed down by a state court judge is a court order and is legally binding and subject to rigorous and continued enforcement by each spouse. Court orders should never be taken lightly. Canterbury Law Group prides itself on its no-nonsense approach to returning to a court of law and asking that the judge fully enforce his or her orders as originally determined by the judge during the prior divorce proceedings.

Enforcement of court orders applies for instances including when the parent responsible for child support fails to pay, when there is a failure to comply with orders for possession of and access to a child and when there is a failure to comply with orders regarding the exercise of rights and duties regarding a child.

The first step in seeking remedy for enforcement cases is to file an order for contempt of court. If held in contempt, a person found in violation of the order can be sentenced to a jail term and be assessed acquire a fine for each violation.

At Canterbury Law Group, we represent clients on both sides of the issue – those trying to enforce a decree and those being sued for not following one. If you have post-divorce decree enforcement concerns, don’t waste any precious time, call us immediately to schedule a consultation with our experienced family law attorneys.

Our post-divorce decree practice focuses on issues such as:

  • Failure to pay child support or other financial obligations for the child
  • Failure to honor the child custody arrangement or visitation schedule
  • Failure to pay spousal maintenance to the former spouse
  • Failure to refinance mortgage(s), transfer assets or pay debts from the divorce

Failure to comply with a court’s divorce order can have serious consequences, and you should have an experienced lawyer by your side if you are facing a contempt of court action. On the other hand, if you have a non-compliant former spouse, we can advise you as to your remedies and ask the court to hold him or her in contempt. We will be prepared to present your case effectively and seek the maximum relief, including payment of your attorney fees.

These serious legal matters require an experienced and tough team of attorneys like the Canterbury Law Group. Canterbury Law Group was founded to provide no-nonsense legal counsel for family law cases at the highest levels possible. We are an energetic and unified team of lawyers and paralegals deeply committed to solving our clients’ life changing problems. We handle complex cases throughout the United States with an emphasis on Arizona, California, Nevada, and New York.

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