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Phoenix Paternity Lawyers

Canterbury Law Group understands that paternity issues are highly sensitive and include emotional factors that often flare the situation. Our experienced staff treats paternity cases with compassion and care. We also are no nonsense and will go to bat to legally procure and vest your lawfully entitled rights within Arizona paternity laws; should the other parent block access or cut-off your visitation or over night parenting time with your biological child.

Determining the paternity of a child, procuring or terminating parental access, custody and child support concerns, name changes, adoption and legal guardianship are just a portion of the complex paternity issues that require the skills of a highly qualified attorney.

Canterbury Law Group handles delicate issues involving children with discretion and dignity, aiming to minimize as much the potentially negative impact of paternity proceedings on children and other relationships. Our attorneys have successfully produced favorable outcomes for clients in paternity actions with absolute discretion, ensuring privacy for all involved. We can also aggressively obtain and vest paternity rights when the Mother or Father has unilaterally cut-off or highly reduced your access to the child.

Every case is different and paternity rights are flush with nuance and technicalities. An experienced attorney can help you understand a paternity action and help protect your rights and legal interests. We help individuals throughout Arizona, California and Nevada with paternity and parentage issues.

When a couple has children without being married, they will often legally establish who the lawful father of the child is, as well as determine what rights and obligations exist toward the child. In other cases, circumstances may change and divorced parents move on with their lives, sometimes seeking adoption or termination of parental rights.

If you have a child out of wedlock, and even if you are still getting along with the other parent, you should seriously consider filing a Paternity Action to procure legally binding court orders regarding your child’s paternity, legal decision making, parenting time (custody) and child support obligations. This child is going to be in your respective lives for 18 years or more, and you should advance through the child’s life with validated, and enforceable court orders in-hand, in the event that the relationship with the other parent ever fails, or is starting to fail.

We also have extensive experience assisting mothers and potential fathers establish parentage through a paternity suit. We can help guide you through the legal process and advise you on whether establishing paternity is your best option. In some cases, you may not want to establish paternity. We assist mothers in establishing parentage through paternity suits and help them establish and enforce the father’s child support obligations. We also represent fathers in paternity actions, either defending them in a paternity suit where the mother is trying to establish parentage for child support or bringing a paternity action where the father is seeking child custody and visitation rights.

Family law is a complex area of law requiring measured and detailed strategy and execution, and the courtroom is ultimately where many significant and life changing decisions are made. Our dedicated litigation team will ensure thorough preparation for every public hearing appearance all the way through trial. We, like you, will know the facts, the law and position ourselves to achieve the highest degree of success the law allows. Protect your interests in a paternity action, or let us help you understand issues involving the establishment of lawful parentage. Timing is often critical, so we encourage you to sit down with our law firm sooner than later.

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