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How To Beat A Drug Trafficking Charge

How To Beat A Drug Trafficking Charge?

Serious consequences, including criminal convictions can come from drug trafficking charges. With an upturn in illegal drug use, many prosecutors are looking to press for the harshest penalties under law. A criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights is vitally important. Read on to learn more.

Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Federal law says it is prohibited for any individual to manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess substances that are controlled. Sentences are based on the substance and quantity. For example: a maximum of five years for 50 kilos of marijuana, between five to forty years for 500 grams of cocaine or 100 grams of heroin, or from ten years to lifetime for 1 kilo of heroin, 1000 kilos of marijuana or 5 kilos of cocaine.

The sentences increase for greater amounts and can be enhanced if you have previous convictions or serious bodily injury or death results, as well as the involvement of a firearm and if you are the ringleader or not. Some of these offenses do not run concurrently so a convicted individual would serve the prison term for the rugs first and then the firearm.

It is important to realize that charges do not equal a verdict of guilty. Especially if your rights may have been violated during the arrest process.

State Drug Trafficking Charges

States follow similar principles and usually, but not always, control smaller amounts than the feds. In Arizona, for example a single gram of heroin, nine grams of cocaine or a couple of pounds of marijuana by a person for distribution purposes.

The Role of A Lawyer

You can speak with the criminal defense lawyers at Canterbury Law Group who have experience in aggressive defense representation for drug trafficking to help you obtain the best possible results. With life changing convictions a distinct possibility for drug trafficking, you can put us to work for you.

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