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How To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

How To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your liberty is threatened when you have been either arrested or charged with a crime. It is crucially important to obtain an aggressive private criminal defense lawyer. Public Defenders likely don’t have the time necessary to devote to your case to play-to-win. A Private criminal defense attorney will help you navigate through all stages of the criminal court process you are encountering and can be key in reducing your sentence or negotiating a potential dismissal of your case. Read on to learn more.

A Private Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Vital To Your Future

Let’s briefly look at the ways your life can be impacted should you ever be charged with a crime:

  • Potential loss of relationships
  • Jail or prison time
  • A criminal record
  • Reduced career prospects
  • Expense of court fines

You need a private criminal defense attorney who can assist in getting the best possible outcome for your case – they can help you with:

  • Understanding the legal ramifications of the charges that have been filed
  • Explain strategies for your defense
  • Explore and explain what (if any) plea bargains are likely to be on the table
  • Discuss the post-trial and conviction process

Private criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of cases and can help you by:

  • Reducing your criminal charge (an example would be from a felony to a misdemeanor)
  • Lessening the penalty for the crime
  • Reducing or eliminating potential jail time, for example, through probation
  • Developing a sound defense strategy with your best interests in mind

Your criminal defense lawyer should also have experience in the following areas:

  • Familiarity with crime scene investigations
  • Great knowledge of photographs, sketches, video and polygraphs
  • The interviewing techniques for police, victims and witnesses
  • The ability to effectively cross-examine your accuser

Finding A Criminal Defense Lawyer

While you can ask family and friends for a recommendation, it is understandable you may not want many (if any) people to know of your current circumstances and you may not have time to do a great deal of in-depth online research, so here are some questions to ask a criminal defense lawyer you are considering retaining:

  • What is your experience with cases similar to mine?
  • Will you be handling my case personally, or will an attorney I have not met be the point person?
  • Are you experienced in litigating trials involving a jury?
  • Are you knowledgeable regarding requesting a lesser charge or working on a plea agreement?
  • What is the fee and are payment plans available?


Many factors go into the determination of the fees a criminal defense lawyer will charge. Usually fees are either on a flat rate or billed hourly. Some attorneys will offer payment plans while others will want a retainer fee paid upfront before commencing the case. It is a good idea to shop around and seek out the best options for your circumstances. In situations where you cannot afford an attorney – it is possible you may be granted a government paid attorney who will represent you.

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