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Real Estate Lawyers In Scottsdale & Phoenix

If you are searching for real estate lawyers in Phoenix or Scottsdale, The Canterbury Law Group can help!

The legal team at Canterbury Law Group is well versed in complex residential and commercial real estate issues. Our attorneys have vast experience in the acquisition and disposition of millions in investment capital in vacant or partially developed residential land, master plan communities and entitlement and zone change opportunities throughout the western United States. We also understand the buying and selling of land and can aid developer clients in identifying, pursuing, controlling, acquiring, closing and improving land assets, whether used for residential or other land uses.

The firm’s professionals have testified in various forums as a testifying expert witness in fiduciary standards of care that relate to real estate managers’ fiduciary duty and operating protocol when executing a real estate business plan or pooled investment scheme.

The law firm deeply understands the pre-acquisition due diligence process and the precise details and objectives which should be attained prior to closing on any complex land acquisition investment which frequently involves substantial investment dollars.

Each client’s real estate acquisition is handled with care to minimize risk and maximize upside for each investment placed. Sometimes real estate deals do not work out as planned, or promises are not kept and contracts or fiduciary duties are breached. The firm is well versed in advancing or defending real estate litigation claims in a court of competent jurisdiction should your real estate investment or partners not perform as expected.

Canterbury Law Group Can Meet Any of Your Real Estate Needs!

At Canterbury Law Group our real estate attorneys can provide legal counsel for buyers and sellers of residential real estate, for borrowers and lenders, homeowners associations, and landlords and communal tenants in Phoenix, Arizona, and nearby communities.

Some of our clients reside in other states and are buying or selling vacation properties in Arizona. They may be uncertain when told by real estate agents that they probably won’t require an attorney for their Arizona real estate transaction.

It is standard practice in Arizona for the licensed realtor to draft a purchase contract and for the title company to conduct a title search, issue a title insurance policy, and draw up and record title instruments.  It is somewhat uncommon for Arizona lawyers to be involved in conventional purchase and sale of single-family homes.

Sometimes, Using A Real Estate Agent Is Insufficient

The most essential document in a real estate transaction is the purchase contract. Your real estate attorney is your greatest resource for the drafting, review or revisions of your contract to ensure that the transaction you signed off on is the one that you have genuinely made.

A properly drafted contract is usually your best protection should something happen. You should take advantage of your realtor’s skills in marketing, bargaining and guiding you throughout your transaction. This is what they do best. But also utilize your real estate lawyer to perform the services that your lawyer would do best.

A Real Estate Attorney Should Review Your Contract

When a transaction proceeds efficiently, few people concentrate on the contract. But when problems arise, will the contract protect you and provide solutions? It’s usually a good idea to have an experienced real estate attorney prepare and go over your purchase contract.

  • An attorney will inform you of your rights and alternatives so you can take proper steps to investigate your proposed transaction, like when a property is sold “as is”, or there is a question of ownership or unfavorable adverse possession claims.
  • An attorney will inform you on possibly troublesome real estate transactions, such as seller carrybacks, private contracts, or sales/leaseback transactions, and will outline a contract that seeks to limit your future liability.
  • An attorney working for the benefit of the seller can correct title problems, and review and correct lease agreements.  An attorney working for the benefit of a buyer can outline purchase agreements, review title reports and clarify the escrow process.  When buying property with a lease in place, estoppel certificates are necessary to be obtained.
  • An attorney with an understanding of estate planning can considerably helping families in determining how to legally hold title to a property, how to hand over the title of a property, before or after death, and how a property can be divided.
  • And an attorney is essential in helping to resolve conflicts, either through real estate mediation or real estate litigation.  At Canterbury Law Group we often work with home-owners associations and help them rectify real estate disputes with members concerning homeowner associations’ rights and obligations, and with property management companies to draft leases, settle landlord/tenant concerns, and to advocate on fair debt collection practices.

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At Canterbury Law Group we perform contract reviews, drafting and preparation of instruments for reasonable legal fees.  Many questions can be answered, and contracts reviewed during our initial consultation. Please contact our office at [email protected] or call us at (480) 744-7711 to speak with an experienced real estate attorney today.