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8 Reasons Men Leave Women They Love

8 Reasons Men Leave Women They Love

We all sometimes think why men decide to leave the woman they once were totally in love with. Truthfully, there can be a multitude of reasons and often there are many reasons. That said, here are some of the most popular reasons and perhaps will give one food for thought on the way to mending a relationship.


Somewhere between a fifth and nearly half of all marriages end in divorce because of infidelity. When a man’s spouse has been having other partners within the bond of marriage, the commitment and trust a man has left to offer can be strenuously pressured. The internet has brought people who are not married to each other emotionally closer and many consider this a form of infidelity and may be the other cause of a man to leave their spouse.


Men place a high value on feeling respected and loved and are far more likely to be committed to a relationship when they feel those qualities.  Wives frequently provide respect to virtually all of the people in their inner circles, except their husbands.  Husbands notice this.  Husbands crave daily acknowledgment and respect, wives who don’t give it, may find themselves single again.


When the intimacy one partner in a relationship is something they crave for and the other partner is not willing or unable to provide that emotional closeness and romantic contact, the relationship may struggle to survive.  This often drives the spouse yearning for physical intimacy into the arms of another woman.


A man will often go to great lengths for a woman he really loves if he feels he is being appreciated. Letting him know you realize that is a good thing! So many spouses take the other for granted, everyone eventually has their ‘limit’ on being ignored.

Mom, Not Lover

If you are always reminding him of things he needs to do, clean up the mess he leaves, question about where he is going, where he is and where has he been, he can start to see you adopting the role of a Mother towards him.  This kills romance and passion in the bedroom, and launches you onto a one way trip to dissolution.


If your womanly success highlights his sense of inadequacy it may be more likely he will leave. It is a fact many men have issues with dating a woman of high achievement who may have obtained greater success than themselves.


When one has an attitude of desiring financial things that are out of reach as opposed to displaying an appreciation of what is already there, it may well be that a man takes that personally. It is important to talk about the things you both appreciate from your relationship and to seek out to achieve mutual financial goals and achievements.

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