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In a contested divorce in Scottsdale is exactly what it sounds like: one or both spouses can’t come to an agreement, and they litigate and fight parts of their divorce. This type of divorce takes far longer to complete and usually involves more stress and substantially higher legal fees and costs (e.g. expert witnesses).

With a contested divorce, each spouse will have to go through several steps before the divorce can be finalized, including:

  • Prepare, file and serve the petition for divorce
  • Respond to the petition
  • Interview and hire an attorney
  • Conduct a “divorce discovery” – this is where your attorney will gather all relevant financial, asset and debt information from your spouse and third-parties (e.g. banks, employer records)
  • Pre-trial legal motions and multiple court hearings
  • Settlement propositions and negotiations among attorneys
  • If settlement is non-agreeable, arrange for a final contested trial
  • Complete a court trial before a judge (no jury), and a Judgement is issued by the Court
  • Appeal, if you disagree with the trial judge’s decision(s).

During the discovery and pretrial settlement period, some spouses are unable to resolve all disputed issues. The divorce judge may recommend spouses to work things out, when that doesn’t occur the next step is divorce court and a full evidentiary trial.

During trial, both spouses introduce and call witnesses, and their attorneys cross-examine them and submit closing arguments. When the trial is over, the court will issue a closing judgment and order memorializing the judge’s decisions and finalize the divorce.

Divorce—specifically ones that are contested—are complicated. Spouses in a contested divorce should absolutely speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who can advise them of their legal rights and guarantee they are fully protected to maximize their share of the marital estate.

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