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Should I Leave My Husband for Cheating?

Should I Leave My Husband for Cheating

Once you found some dubious texts from another female on their phone – they came clean about what happened when they were away for a few days. Perhaps, a friend has dropped some hints. There is no question infidelity is a very traumatic and emotional experience. Some couples rebuild trust and move forward in their relationship but that requires a very thorough examination of what happened and why. Sometimes, it is best to bring the relationship to a close.

Following infidelity, many people both find themselves feeling love for each other and they realize the value of such lobe. Afterall, we all make mistakes, correct? Statistics suggest over twenty percent of men cheat and nearly fifteen percent of women cheat as well. However, these numbers do not lessen the emotional impact of being betrayed. This damage may be a good enough reason to end the relationship.

Reason 1. Dragging it Out Of Them

If you suspected they were cheating, rebuilding trust may be a very difficult thing to do – especially if your partner has previously denied they were having a relationship with someone else. Their lies to cover up their footprints often add other problems to the emotional state of the partner who did not cheat.

Reason 2. Old Habits

A study from 2017 drew the conclusion people are three times more likely to cheat in the future if they cheated in their first relationship. Does this mean it is a habit? Certainly, if they cheated in a previous relationship and are now cheating in their current relationship – it is obviously not a good sign. If they have cheated before in their current relationship with you, it may mean the relationship has no future. It is reasonable to ask if your partner will make the same mistake again. You may want to ask them in a straight-forward manner regarding their infidelity – this gives them the opportunity to spill the beans and you can plan your future. Trust can be rebuilt over time – if both parties are committed to doing so and that is something that needs to be considered. Cheating does not need a justification, but there may be factors that influenced the decision to cheat and they need examining.

Reason 3. Shattered Trust

Is it better when the partner who has committed the infidelity comes clean and confesses what they have done or finding out by catching them in the act? Often the lying is more important then the cheating. If you had to find out through messages, emails or texts, even from face to face conversation with other people, the blow may be very hard to take indeed. Would you have not discovered had you not looked or been told? IS there something else you have not been told?

Reason 4. Not Feeling Happy With Yourself

Insecurities can suddenly rise to the surface when you discover your significant other has cheated. Questioning yourself and your virtues and behavior is not helpful. There are many reasons why the person who cheated made that decision. The truth is it has zero to do with you. They made the decision. It is possible the insecurity of your partner led them to cheat because they need to see themselves as desirable. When you are at the stage that your own view of yourself has been badly damaged – it may be for the best to move on without this relationship in your life. You may discover some qualities have come to the surface that are not the best aspects of your personality such as jealousy. In these cases, you need to take care of yourself primarily so you can heal. Explaining this to your partner may assist in lessening the impact of the insecurities you feel.

Not all relationships need to end when infidelity appears. Cheating is often a sign that something else may be not right in the relationship and you have to decide whether it is worth persevering with the relationship.

Of course, it is understandable if the relationship and the hurt you feel cannot be repaired. Without a doubt you deserve someone in your life who you can trust Communication is key and may lead to the rebuilding of trust. Sometimes professional help like a therapist who specializes in working with couples may be helpful.

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