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Types Of Criminal Lawyers

Types Of Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers as you can ascertain from their title specialize in criminal law. Following a charge of a crime remember you are not guilty until it has been proven. Criminal lawyers will review your situation and work alongside you to get all of the pertinent information and then work with other legal professionals to obtain the most expeditious solution possible. Read on to learn more.

Driving Under The Influence

A DUI can lead to the loss of drivers’ privileges, large fines and even prison time. A lawyer will attempt to obtain the most favorable results possible by the means of an agreement that will benefit you down the road. They will assemble evidence assisting them and you to make the best determination regarding your appeal.

Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, it is wisest to have a lawyer who can assist in getting the best possible terms and results for your situation. They can work with the evidence that is available as well as presenting any related documentation and attend any conferences prior to the trial on your behalf. Ideally, you want to avoid going to trial as it will be very expensive and time consuming. If a solution can be worked out in advance, it will enable you to progress with your life.


When you are accused of theft your defense lawyer will read the police report and additional documentation as well as evidence that supports your case. They may review video footage if it is available. If you are guilty, they will advise you of the best possible outcomes. If this is your first ever charge, community service may be an option as opposed to incarceration.

Criminal lawyers will go to expert witnesses and will make sure they can present the case in the best possible light to the court, on your behalf, as well as writing compelling arguments, appealing to the jury and helping you obtain the best final result for your case.

Let’s look at different kinds of criminal lawyers.

Panel Lawyers

Governments have committees made up from private defense attorneys. Usually used as a compliment to a public defender, hey are paid hourly for their time and services.

District Lawyers

The Government hires a local prosecutor who carries out the government’s responsibility to prosecute those accused of a crime. Local district attorneys usually have on hand some other district attorneys who can be utilized when needed.

Private Lawyers

Hired by defendants who are capable of affording their services that are often out of reach financially to the poor and middle classes.

Legal Aid Societies

Defendants who cannot afford their own private lawyer can sometimes be assisted by non-profit organizations such as legal aid societies. Every state in the nation has such an organization that hires lawyers for those unable to afford their own private lawyer.

Public Defender

This is a lawyer whose primary responsibility is to provide representation and legal advice as well as to assist people who cannot pay for legal assistance. Public defenders are appointed and assigned by individual states.

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