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What Can a DUI Lawyer Do For You

What Can a DUI Lawyer Do For You

What can a DUI attorney do to help you fight your charge? With your future freedom in jeopardy it is a very important question because with a seasoned DUI attorney on your side, you will not have to struggle with complex legal aspects of your case and complicated court proceedings. Read on to learn more about how a DUI lawyer can best represent you.

Advise You to Keep Quiet When It Counts

Sometimes what you do not say means more than what you say. A competent DUI attorney will tell you when you should speak and when you should not. They may also suggest you do not take the stand to avoid interrogation by the prosecution.

Know the Local Courts Inside And Out

Inevitably, your DUI attorney will be far more knowledgeable regarding legal and courtroom procedures. You can also decide to use the services of an attorney with an ample background of dealing with juries, local judges and the local court rules in the area you live.

Keep Track Of Legal Deadlines, Filings

There are multiple steps in DUI proceedings that may be easily overlooked. For example, there may be a time limitation on when you can request footage from a police car dashcam that may be crucial to your case. There are also many motions that must be filed in a certain order and in a timely manner and your lawyer is the one person who is best suited and experienced enough to make sure these filings are submitted prior to the deadlines from the court.

Negotiate With Tough Prosecutors

Local prosecutors will speak and work with your DUI attorney to discuss possibilities of plea bargains or alternatives to spending time in jail. The credibility of DUI attorneys are trusted by those in the court system. Indeed, many prosecutors will not even attempt any form of negotiation with a person who has decided to defend themselves.

Help to Expunge Your Conviction

Local prosecutors also often work with DUI attorneys with the potential of getting your conviction expunged so it does not impact your future employment prospects or your credit score. These procedures are very laborious and very individual to local and state court and they must be followed exactly.

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