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Canterbury Law Group – About US

Canterbury Law Group was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona with dedication to providing legal counsel at the highest level possible. We are a unified and dynamic team of lawyers and paralegals deeply committed to solving our clients’ potentially life changing problems. We handle delicate and complex cases throughout the United States with an emphasis in ArizonaCaliforniaNevada and New York.

At Canterbury Law Group, each of our litigators has a strong demeanor and dynamic presence, which assists in delivering our clients with maximum results. We have vast experience identifying and structuring cases to generate the best possible result.

As authorities in the legal industry, the team at Canterbury Law Group in Scottsdale was uniquely formed to provide no-nonsense legal counsel for cases dealing with litigation, corporate law, family law, federal bankruptcy and real estate. Our litigation team also handles divorce asset investigations, corporate restructurings and advises directors and senior management. Our personal attention, experience, and sophistication allows for innovative resolutions that generate positive results.

When you choose Scottsdale-based Canterbury Law Group as your legal advisors, be confident in our skill set. We limit the number and type of cases we undertake so clients receive our full attention. Our team also works closely on all of our matters, bringing a unique mix of expertise to all of our practice areas.

Most importantly, Canterbury Law Group solves problems and helps navigate you toward success and helps you reach your goals. Our lawyers are dealmakers, not deal breakers, and we will do everything in our power to deliver our legal services on time, and under budget so you can get back to your life.

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