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Arizona Child Relocation Lawyer

In today’s fast-paced society, it is common that people are forced to move to a new area more frequently than in the past. Relocation can be caused by a new job, school, career change, family needs, among other reasons. However, relocating after a divorce can be extremely difficult. Custody and visitation are inevitably impacted.

Out of state relocation by parents and children has become a common issue in family law and is taken extremely seriously as it often has a profound impact on all involved. As a result, there are very detailed laws which outlines specific requirements and guidelines for cases involving a parent who wishes to relocate the child or to prevent child relocation out of state.

Our firm can assist with the complicated procedures and legal issues surrounding relocation and, if necessary, provide creative insight for a long-distance Parenting Plan that will maximize a non-moving parent’s contact and involvement with the child. In the alternative, if you are seeking to object to the child’s cross-state relocation, we have numerous strategies and arguments to maximize your chances for a positive result to keep you children where they belong – at home with you and not in a distant cross-country state.

Considerations Of Relocation For A Child:

  • Is the move in the best interest of the child?
  • Will the relocation detriment the child’s relationship with either parent?
  • Can a compromise be reached to make both parents and the child happy?
  • Are there alternatives to moving?
  • If you wish to object to the relocation of your child, you must do it promptly; you have only so much time to file a written legal response.
  • What is the proposed new time-sharing schedule? Is that something that is practical for you and your child?
  • How much involvement does each parent and family have with the child’s activities such as parent teacher meetings, sports or other after-school events that will be affected by relocation?

Get Experienced Advice About Relocation With A Minor Child

Relocation of a minor child away from the other parent is serious. It can permanently affect the relationship your child has with both parents. If you are considering relocation or if you have been served with a notice of relocation, you must act quickly and in a serious fashion.

Plan Ahead To Protect Your Family

If you are aware that you are relocating out of state prior to obtaining a divorce or during the divorce process, you should consult with an experienced family law attorney who has successfully worked on relocation issues.

At Canterbury Law Group, each of our litigators has a strong demeanor and dynamic presence, which assists in delivering clients maximum results. We will aggressively fight to protect your interests. We have vast experience identifying and structuring compelling cases to protect every conceivable asset you may have or wish to secure in the case. Any assets acquired during the course of a marriage may be eligible for equitable distribution.

Our litigation team also handles asset investigations and all other Family Law issues that arise during with your divorce. Our attention, experience and sophistication allows for innovative resolutions that have a positive impact on clients. When you choose Canterbury Law Group as your legal advisors, be confident in our abilities. We limit the number and type of cases we undertake so clients receive our full attention. Our team also works closely on all of our matters, bringing a unique mix of expertise to all of our practice areas.

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