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If you are searching for domestic violence lawyers or defence attorneys in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Canterbury Law Group can help! If you found this page you are most likely facing charges of domestic violence or wishing to file an order protection.

Domestic violence can be a horrific experience for anyone and any family. Legal solutions are available but often the victims of domestic violence do not know where to find the help they need. Family violence or from a spouse needs the attention of a family law attorney who can get you and your family the help they need without delay and advise you of your long-term remedy choices. We can assist in getting you what will be a much-needed protection order so you can have a degree of safety and ensure you have control over your legal situation.

Why You Need a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Phoenix & Scottsdale

When you are facing domestic violence charges in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona it is wise to hire a defence lawyer to defend you. Canterbury Law Group understands how criminal cases work and can help you create a strong defence.

You need an experience domestic violence attorney if you want a positive outcome for your case.

Your domestic violence defence lawyer will help you prepare for trial. Canterbury Law Group will help you learn what to expect and everything you need to know before you enter the court room.

Things a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Do For You

Here are a few ways a domestic violence lawyer can help:

  • File a restraining order or order of protection
  • File domestic violence law suits
  • File for divorce
  • Get Custody of your children
  • Represent your case in court
  • Defence against orders of protection

Domestic Violence & Order of Protections in Arizona

An order of protection in Phoenix or Scottsdale can prohibit a person from coming near your home, school, work site, or another location listed on your court order. Provides the person who filed the order with legal recourse for up to one year if the party who is served violates the order according to Phoenix.Gov.

Once you have an Order Of Protection, sometimes known as a restraining order, the court has made an order that the domestic violence you have suffered has to stop immediately and the abuser has zero contact with you, your child or children and maybe certain other individuals involved in your life. They also must find somewhere else to live if they currently reside with you and law enforcement will take charge of any firearms in their possession.

Arizona categorizes domestic violence as ARS 13-3601: violence of a physical nature, restraint, kidnapping, or holding you as a prisoner or hostage, unlawful endangerment, interfering in custodial matters regarding your child or children, not obeying an order from the court, conduct of a disorderly nature, criminal damage or trespassing to or on your property, intimidation, harassment, threats, surveillance or stalking.

There are four kinds of protection orders applicable in these circumstances but only the initial three apply if the person committing the abuse is a household or family member.

  1. An emergency order of protection can be issued without a hearing taking place but only has validity for a short time period whereas a permanent order applies for a year.
  2. A release order is when someone who has been arrested for reasons of domestic violence and is released but usually only certain conditions issued by the court that must either be met or obeyed for a specified time period.
  3. Or an injunction against harassment or workplace harassment and can be used when the person who has been accused is not a household member or member of your family.

You can be assured our lawyers will listen with compassion to your circumstances and assist in filing the correct paperwork. When we are advocating on your behalf, we will explain the legal options open to you and give you advice at every stage so you and your child or children can be protected at every stage. We can also help you purge a protective order if your opponent has gone out and placed one on you.

Getting a Protection Order Dismissed

Injuctions against harassment and orders of protection can only be dismissed by a judge. If you would like to get an order of protection dismissed it is wise to speak with an attorney.

Types of Domestic Violence and Harrassment

Types of domestic violense and harassment include:

  • Intimidating or threatening
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • Endangerment
  • Criminal tresspassing – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree
  • Criminal damage
  • Vulnerable adult or child abuse
  • Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated domestic violence
  • Aggravated harrassment

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