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How To Get An Order Of Protection Dismissed

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It is possible to drop an order of protection once it has started in particular circumstances. However, the judge (or a different judge) needs to perform an evaluation of the current situation. In some circumstances where the order of protection has been filed is because of improper reasons. When this is explained to the judge, he or she may decide to quickly drop the outstanding order.

Reversing the order when a spouse or partner either regrets or thinks the order of protection has been applied for the wrong reasons, it may require more work to reverse the order than it is when then the order was originally issued. A partner or spouse may call a judge through the appropriate means is there is a need for direct distance between the individuals.  As long as there is reasonable evidence, this is usually granted and may require a complete order or one that prevents the other party from having contact.

Protection Order Explained

There are two kinds of orders:

  1. When one partner thinks they require a level of safety to be guaranteed by law. This allows for no contact or communication. It also prevents the person from being within a certain distance of the protected.
  2. The other kind of order usually has provisions for some form of contact but often limits communication. The safety usually includes a lack of emotional speech and actions as well as a lack of violence. In normal circumstances, the second type is usually the option that is chosen. This can have an impact on the target in various ways.

Order Of Protection Reasons

There may not be a legitimate or valid reason when a partner or spouse is successful in having an order of protection obtained. There are various reasons as to why this is. it may have been done in the heat of the moment or as an irrational and emotional act. Or perhaps someone has talked to the person and they have drawn the conclusion it was wrong to go for an order. Understand just because things may get heated between a couple, it does not particularly mean they are solid grounds for a protection order. It is also used as a tactic in the hope it will increase the odds of obtaining greater funds in the case of a divorce or acquiring custody of a child or children. These orders may become more complex in the case of abuse or domestic violence. The other party may find the order remains in place until they can prove themselves innocent of criminal charges. Once the concern is in the process stage in the criminal courts, not much can be done. Lifting the order becomes nearly impossible unless the case is either dropped or is concluded by a judge or jury as with a verdict of not guilty.

Dropping The Protection Order

If there are no criminal charge claims the courts have aimed at the target of the order, the process is simpler and there is room for possibly dropping the order. However, when the situation solely involved the domestic relations courts, dropping the order is far less difficult. The petition order may be dropped if the parties can agree to file a dismissal. Furthermore, if the parties fail to show for a hearing, the petition loses its validity. In the absence of a prosecuting lawyer whose job is to pursue the case – there is no need to maintain the protection order if there is no interest from either party in keeping the order active.

Dismiss An Order Of Protection With A Lawyer

It is vitally important to hire a lawyer who knows what can be done so the order of protection may be dropped. Although the person has to initially file a dismissal, the other party may be a no-show for the hearing. A lawyer can also offer many helpful ways forward and explain how to proceed depending on the actions of the party that is protected.


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