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Scottsdale Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys

If you are searching for Scottsdale divorce lawyers or divorce attorneys, Canterbury Law Group can help! Canterbury Law Group can help with many different types of divorce including: Traditional divorce, collaborative divorce, uncontested divorce, divorce mediation and more.

We can protect and advise you regarding: Divorce and property division, child custody, child support, child visitation, marital home and real estate matters, allocation of investments, retirement savings, and pensions, personal possessions, valuables, vehicles, closely help businesses, alimony and spousal maintenance, and debt division. To find out how our divorce attorneys can help your matter, schedule your initial case evaluation today.

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Do You Need An Aggressive Divorce Attorney In Scottsdale?

Both women and men may need an aggressive divorce attorney depending on their circumstances. For example, we have many women who tell us their husband is very well-connected and they are afraid their divorce lawyer will be outsmarted. On the other hand we have many men who do not want to share custody and need aggressive representation.

“Aggressive Divorce Attorney” is a phrase used to describe divorce lawyers who are relentless at getting what their client wants out of the divorce. You have no idea how many people actually call our office while looking for a “pitbull” or “bulldog” divorce attorney. However, judges do not necessarily like aggressive attorneys. Indeed, overly aggressive behavior in the courtroom can be the quickest way to lose your case.

You want your seasoned attorney to be liked by the judge. Hiring an aggressive divorce attorney will not necessarily help your case. Instead why not hire creative, responsive and proactive attorneys like The Canterbury Law Group, located in Scottsdale, who can help you solve your problems. We truly listen to what matters to you and try to find a reasonable solution to your situation.

Scottsdale Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce in Scottsdale essentially means both parties agree on all divorce-related issues. Each state has predetermined legal requirements that must be reached before a divorcing couple can continue with an uncontested divorce. You may want to reach out to a local attorney or check your local courthouses website for your state’s requirements.

Even though you must meet these certain requirements, an uncontested divorce is often a lot easier than a contested divorce due to the fact that spouses can end their marriage without continuous negotiations, legal posturing, and constant court hearings. Therefore, an uncontested divorce usually involves reduced stress and not as many legal fees.

However, divorcing spouses must be peaceful and able to work side by side toward mutually agreeable declarations. They must be willing to reach an agreement in order to resolve all their divorce disputes. Even though working with your eventual ex to settle essential financial and child-related issues may seem hard at times, it’s one way to end your marriage without an all-out court battle.

Top Divorce Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ

The Scottsdale divorce lawyers at Canterbury Law Group handle Phoenix and Scottsdale Family Law cases including divorce, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, spousal maintenance, decree enforcement, child relocation, father’s rights and grandparents’ rights. Whether you are considering filing for divorce or you have already been served with a divorce petition, it is absolutely critical to speak with an attorney immediately to assess your legal rights and take the necessary steps to protect them. Even the slightest delay may result in limiting your options, which may ultimately affect your entire future. Our Scottsdale law office is located at 14300 N Northsight Blvd #129, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Give us a call today at (480) 744-7711 if you are in Scottsdale or call us toll free at 1 (800) 272-4738.

Marriages do not begin with the anticipation of divorce however, it is becoming more common: 50 percent of first marriages, 67 percent of second and 74 percent of third marriages end in divorce. (Source: Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.) When your family and livelihood are at stake in your divorce, it is critical to be prepared with a highly skilled litigation team representing you. The Canterbury team of divorce attorneys in Scottsdale have an impeccable track record that speaks for itself.

Divorce cases can be complex and require measured and detailed strategy and execution, and the courtroom is where many significant and life changing decisions are made. The dedicated litigation team at Canterbury Law Group will ensure thorough preparation for every public hearing appearance all the way through trial. We, like you, will know the facts, the law and position ourselves to achieve the highest degree of success the law allows.


Collaborative divorce, also known as collaborative law, is a legal process allowing couples who have decided to end their marriage to collaboratively work with a team of family law professionals in order to achieve a settlement that meets the needs of both parties and children without the threat of litigation.


A divorce mediator is a neutral 3rd-party that attempts to further legal negotiations between spouses who are getting divorced. If you and your spouse cannot come to agreeable terms on your own, you may call for the services of a divorce mediator. Handle divorce out-of-court and for a lower cost.


An uncontested divorce is frequently a great deal easier and more cost efficient than a divorce which is contested because there is no need for constant negotiations between the spouses, lawyers, court hearings and other legal posturing. Hence, there are usually far lower legal fees and a lot less stress.


Sometimes couples may only seek a legal separation rather than filing for uncontested or contested divorce, which will allow both parties to live both separate while still enjoying the legal benefits of marriage such as continuing healthcare or insurance coverage.


In a contested divorce in Scottsdale is exactly what it sounds like: one or both spouses can’t come to an agreement, and they litigate and fight parts of their divorce. This type of divorce takes far longer to complete and usually involves more stress and substantially higher legal fees and costs (e.g. expert witnesses).

Scottsdale Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce in Scottsdale is exactly what it sounds like: one or both spouses can’t come to an agreement, and they litigate and fight parts of their divorce. This type of divorce takes far longer to complete and usually involves more stress and substantially higher legal fees and costs (e.g. expert witnesses).

With a contested divorce, each spouse will have to go through several steps before the divorce can be finalized, including:

  • Prepare, file and serve the petition for divorce
  • Respond to the petition
  • Interview and hire an attorney
  • Conduct a “divorce discovery” – this is where your attorney will gather all relevant financial, asset and debt information from your spouse and third-parties (e.g. banks, employer records)
  • Pre-trial legal motions and multiple court hearings
  • Settlement propositions and negotiations among attorneys
  • If settlement is non-agreeable, arrange for a final contested trial
  • Complete a court trial before a judge (no jury), and a Judgement is issued by the Court
  • Appeal, if you disagree with the trial judge’s decision(s).

During the discovery and pretrial settlement period, some spouses are unable to resolve all disputed issues. The divorce judge may recommend spouses to work things out, when that doesn’t occur the next step is divorce court and a full evidentiary trial.

During trial, both spouses introduce and call witnesses, and their attorneys cross-examine them and submit closing arguments. When the trial is over, the court will issue a closing judgment and order memorializing the judge’s decisions and finalize the divorce.

Divorce—specifically ones that are contested—are complicated. Spouses in a contested divorce should absolutely speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who can advise them of their legal rights and guarantee they are fully protected to maximize their share of the marital estate.

Scottsdale Collaborative Divorce

In stark contrast to conventional litigation, collaborative divorce in Scottsdalemitigates disagreements for couples by resolving issues rather than by trying to “win” in court. Simply put, couples arbitrate and negotiate to come to an agreement with the support of collaboratively trained attorneys and other professional such as financial neutrals, communications specialists or child specialists. For this to work, both parties need to be compliant to mutually agree to divert the case to the collaborative process. This divorce process allows you to save time and money and come to an agreement that works for each party.

The Collaborative Divorce process includes:

  • Each party hires an attorney, usually trained in collaborative law.
  • You individually consult with your attorney to explain your objectives and what you want.
  • At your first collaborative session with both spouses and both lawyers, you will typically sign off on a Collaborative Commitment Agreement (“CCA”).  As other professionals are introduced to the group sessions, they too will sign the CCA.
  • You and your attorney set up regular group discussions with the other party and his/her attorney.
  • If necessary, third-party delegates will be requested in to help reach an agreement. This often includes a “communications coach” depending on the types of conflicts the couple is facing.
  • The CCA always includes a “no court” provisions, which means that if the case doesn’t resolve 100% within collaboration, and instead diverts back to court, you’ll have to start all over again with different legal representation and new third-party experts.
  • When collaboration is complete, the attorneys will draft and file the final legal papers and settlement agreement. After that, the judge signs off. You will never go to court, and the public will not have access to any of your collaborative divorce details, which will stay 100% private.

Scottsdale Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a type of divorce process that allows couples to resolve common divorce issues with the help of an experienced third-party divorce mediator. A divorce mediator is a neutral third-party that facilitates legal negotiations between spouses who are ending a marriage agreement. If you and your spouse cannot come to conciliatory terms on your own, you may require the services of a divorce mediator. Many mediations are attended with legal counsel for each side.  If you are thinking about hiring a divorce mediator in Scottsdale, Arizona, Canterbury Law Group can help. Learn more about how to find a good divorce mediator in Arizona. Divorce mediation helps keep you in control of the divorce terms. You will never need to step foot in a courtroom! Our divorce mediation process is simple, private and affordable. Our experienced Scottsdale divorce mediators will guide you the whole way through from start to finish.

How Much Does Divorce Cost in Scottsdale?

On average, Scottsdale divorce costs $20,000. The average cost of divorce in Scottsdale without a Lawyer is $577. The average cost of divorce in Scottsdale with a Lawyer is $20,000Collaborative divorce and divorce mediation in Scottsdale only costs about $10,000 per spouse.

The No-Nonsense Divorce Attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ

Our attention, experience, and sophistication allow for innovative resolutions that have a positive impact on clients.

Canterbury Law Group was founded to provide no-nonsense legal counsel for divorce cases at the highest levels possible. We are an energetic and unified team of Scottsdale divorce lawyers and paralegals deeply committed to solving our clients’ life changing problems. Your best interest is always priority. Divorce cases can become very overwhelming, so let us preserve your sanity and represent you through every step of the way in your divorce case.

Sometimes couples may only seek a legal separation rather than filing for divorce, which will allow the parties to live both separate and apart while still enjoying the legal benefits of marriage such as continuing healthcare or insurance coverage. Our divorce attorneys in Scottsdale have a keen understanding that every legal matter is unique, and we are well equipped to provide you with the tools to make the best decision that will suit your individual situation.

The divorce lawyers at Canterbury Law Group have vast experience identifying and structuring compelling cases to protect every conceivable resource or asset you may have. Any assets acquired during the course of a marriage may be eligible for equitable distribution.

Our litigation team also handles investigations and all other family law matters that may coincide with your divorce. For instance, an integral component of any divorce with children also involves custody. Our Scottsdale divorce lawyers strive to create a mutually agreeable joint parenting plan between both parties. Typically, when parents cannot mutually agree on a child-rearing plan, the court will often establish a plan that both parents must follow concerning the children’s health and welfare. Arizona law requires that the best interest of the child be the lead consideration above any other.

Divorce Lawyer Consultations in Scottsdale

The Canterbury Law Group should be your first choice for when you need the best Scottsdale divorce lawyers. Our experienced family law attorneys will work with you to obtain the best possible outcome in your situation. You can trust us to represent you fully, so you can get on with your life. Call today for an initial consultation!