Spousal Maintenance

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Spousal Maintenance

Canterbury Law Group was founded with the desire and commitment to provide legal counsel for Phoenix and Scottsdale family law cases at the highest levels possible. We are a unified team of lawyers and paralegals dedicated to solving our clients’ life changing problems. We handle complex and delicate family law and spousal maintenance cases in Arizona, California and Nevada.Our attention, experience and sophistication allows for innovative resolutions that have a positive impact on clients.

Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, is where one spouse pays the other spouse monthly support payments for a defined length of time, usually a term of years, after the divorce becomes final. Broadly speaking, the longer the marriage, the longer the spousal maintenance term can be, if the recipient spouse does in fact qualify for spousal maintenance.

There are significant tactical decisions one must consider in seeking to obtain or defend claims for spousal maintenance in Arizona, California and Nevada. The law does not guarantee an award of spousal maintenance regardless of length of marriage. Every case is unique and will warrant specialized examination prior to commencing action. Canterbury Law Group will seek to mitigate or maximize those amounts depending on the posture of your case.

Contrary to popular speculation, quitting one’s job to avoid paying child or spousal support is not necessarily wise. The court will examine your historical earnings and simply impute future earning capacity based on the career earnings you have demonstrated to date. Whether you do or do not have a job today, you can still likely be ordered to pay support figures under the law and by order of the court. We suggest you speak with one of our experienced Family Law attorneys before leaving your job, reducing work hours and / or spending all of the family’s remaining community dollars from the community bank account—many of these tactics will only backfire in the end, and once committed, are very hard to reverse and rehabilitate in the eyes of the court.

Family law is an intricate area of law requiring measured and detailed strategy and execution, and the courtroom is ultimately where many significant and life changing decisions are made. Our dedicated litigation team will ensure thorough preparation for every public hearing appearance all the way through trial. We, like you, will know the facts, the law and position ourselves to achieve the highest degree of success the law allows.

Our vast experience in multifaceted family law cases will allow us to successfully represent you, regardless of which side of the issue you’re one. And, at Canterbury Law Group, we limit the number and type of cases we undertake so clients receive our full attention. Our team also works closely on all of our matters, bringing a unique mix of expertise to all of our practice areas.

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