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Business Bankruptcy in Scottsdale

Our attorneys have vast experience in Scottsdale business bankruptcy cases. If you are a business owner thinking of filing bankruptcy, we will represent you throughout the entire process, from preparing to file through the restructuring of your company post-bankruptcy.

A common misconception about business bankruptcy is that it means the end of a business. Contrary to those beliefs, many companies that Canterbury Law Group has worked with thrive and advance after bankruptcy and restructuring. If bankruptcy might be an option, here are some terms to know.

Business Bankruptcy: A type of bankruptcy that allows a company to efficiently sell assets or to liquidate in a controlled manner. Just like any other business strategy, bankruptcy should be considered early enough to be a viable strategy to preserve the business’s assets and help it continue as a going concern. Bankruptcy can also be an important tool for assisting in an orderly wind down and liquidation of a business and its assets if you intend to close the business for good.

Business Restructuring: The primary goal of a business bankruptcy is to reorganize a business, which includes restructuring the company’s debts so the business can continue to operate and prosper into the future. There are many ways that this can be accomplished, ranging from selling assets to closing down sites or reducing personnel. It is critical to understand that bankruptcy affords a business the opportunity to propose and implement these changes, without the looming threat that creditors will shut the business down for good.

Our bankruptcy legal team is ready to represent you in your Scottsdale business bankruptcy case. Call us today to schedule your consultation. 480-744-7711.

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