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What Is The Downside Of Filing For Bankruptcy?

What Is The Downside Of Filing For Bankruptcy

You can obtain a new financial start with bankruptcy, but it is a matter to be taken seriously. Understanding the decisions, you make may have consequences is especially important before you commence bankruptcy.

Long Time Effects

When you apply for a loan of $150,000 or more, your bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for longer than the standard ten years. How this impacts your credit will be determined by your credit status prior to filing. If your credit was poor it will not matter as much, if it was good, it may cause a severe decline in your credit score.

Sometimes bankruptcy can help you improve your credit score more rapidly than people who do not file for bankruptcy. By addressing your debt to income ratio, paying bills on time, and developing a positive financial outlook as opposed to not filing and mounting up late payments, repossessions, and delinquencies.

Mortgage And Car Loans

You will have to wait for a while when you have filed bankruptcy to obtain a car loan or a mortgage and more than likely you will have higher interest rates to pay on the loan.

Bankruptcy Discharges


  • When completing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you cannot get another for eight years.
  • When completing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you cannot obtain a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for four years.
  • When completing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you can’t get a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for six years.
  • When completing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you cannot get a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for two years.

This may cause issues in the future. For example, if you declare Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and fall on hard times, you cannot file again until the time limits have expired.

Non-Dischargeable Dates

Not all debts can be discharged in bankruptcy, such as:

  • Recent tax debts.
  • Student Loans.
  • Alimony
  • Child Support.

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