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Drug Crime Laws

Drug Crime Laws

State and federal laws may differ when it comes to drug crime laws, Normally federal charges can mean prolonged sentences while state level charges may involve probation and shorter sentence time. Regardless, a drug conviction can seriously impact your record. Read on to learn more about drug crimes.


This includes any device or piece of equipment used in the preparation, produce or to inhale, inject or conceal drugs in an illegal manner. It is not legal for anyone to import, export or sell any nature of drug paraphernalia including pipes, bongs, syringes and rolling papers. Though frequently designed to look as if they are intended for legal use, (for example a label saying only use for tobacco) – you may still face charges depending on the appearance of the object and from where it was purchased.


Although laws vary by state, under both state and federal laws it is not legal to have possession of any controlled substance that is illicit in in nature like cocaine, heroin or marijuana. You can face charges of possession, or with a larger amount possession with the intent to distribute and that comes with greater penalties.

Delivery and Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing includes any step of the process of production and it is illegal as is the delivery of said drugs. Prosecutors normally have to prove the intention of manufacturing and possession to gain a conviction. If they are successful, heavy fines and prison time may be the result. In some states marijuana cultivation is treated differently because of personal use and medical exceptions.


It is not legal to transport, import, or sell substances that are controlled like cocaine and marijuana. If you have been charged with a felony crime, the penalties may be more severe because it usually involves the transfer of a large amount of drugs that may lead police to believe you are going to sell the substance. Drug trafficking sentences cab run from three years to a life sentence in prison.


Usually meaning the selling of drugs on a limited scale and it differs from locale to locale as well as federal law having different penalties. Usually involving one individual and a relatively small amount, the punishment is usually less as well than for larger amounts. Selling less than fifty grams of marijuana can equal a prison sentence of five years and a fine up to a quarter of a million dollars. But sale of more than a thousand kilos can mean a sentence of ten years to life.

Legal Help

Professional legal help is essential when you are facing any drug related charges as the penalties can be very harsh.

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