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First Offense DUI In Arizona

First DUI Offense In Arizona

Arizona law says it is an illegal act for a person to be in actual physical control or to drive a motorized vehicle when they are under the influence of a vapor releaser containing a substance that is toxic, a drug, or an intoxicating liquor, or indeed, a combination of the above.

A.R.S. §28-1381 defines drunk driving laws in the state of Arizona and they forbid driving when you are under the influence of an intoxicant or when the vehicle operator is even slightly impaired. Arizona has a reputation for being one of the toughest DUI law states. Read on to learn what you can expect the penalties to include when a driver faces an initial DUI offense.

Penalties for A First DUI In Arizona

A person may be found guilty of DUI in Arizona when they have a Blood Alcohol Content in excess of 0.08% and are driving or are in control of a motor vehicle. They may can be charged with a DUI in circumstances where they are impaired by any number of drugs or alcohol. These include OTC medications as well as legal medications issued by prescription. These are a Class 1 misdemeanor and are subject to these penalties:

  • A jail sentence of a minimum of twenty-four hours and a maximum up to and including six months. Technically, the minimum is ten days jail time but there is an option of having nine of those days suspended.
  • A maximum of $2,500 in total fees and fines with a minimum of $250.
  • From 90 up to 360 days of driver’s license suspension.
  • An Ignition Interlock Device being installed
  • Three years’ probation is a possibility.
  • Community service hours is a possibility.
  • Complete drug/alcohol assessment and perhaps adult education class attendance.

Criminal and Administrative Penalties for DUI

Arizona has what is known as Criminal Penalties as well as Administrative Penalties. Here is a breakdown of them:

  • Administrative license suspension is applicable for 90 days for drivers arrested for a first offense. This must be dealt with as a part of your DUI defense.
  • The driver may install an ignition interlock device it if an agreement can be met so their driver’s license can be retained.
  • In Arizona, drivers following a DUI arrest are required to take part in substance and alcohol abuse screening processes.
  • There is a seven-year lookback period for previous DUI convictions. This means a conviction will be on the record for seven years and will be considered if there are further DUI charges.
  • Although there are likely to be additional costs for sentence completion, the surcharges, fees and fines amount to about $1,600.


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