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How To Beat A Felony Drug Charge

How To Beat A Felony Drug Charge

A felony or multiple felonies can be the outcome when you have been charged with drug possession. So, what can be done to help your cause? A felony drug charge is serious whether it is for the “intention to distribute” or possession. Most people find the legal process bewildering to say the least, read on to learn how you can prepare yourself the right way.

Get Representation And Education

You an represent yourself but the bets option is to get an attorney who specializes in drug charges who has the knowledge to defend people from drug charges to represent you. It is vital you appoint a lawyer as soon as you can. Their experiences and understanding of the system will assist you in comprehending the charges that have been laid against you as well as looking at solutions where the charges may be defeated. You can help by providing the lawyer with the information they need to build the most robust defense possible. Remember the more you can educate yourself about the process, the greater the chances of you working in tandem with your lawyer to get the best possible outcome.

The Fourth Amendment

The fourth amendment explains your rights to not have to suffer what is known as “Search and seizure” of your property and indeed, yourself as well as your vehicle and home. If the police discover drugs or contraband while performing a search and violate your rights as protected by the fourth amendment, the case may be dismissed. Therefore, it is of primary importance to understand the concept of “reasonable suspicion.” Someone’s appearance does not equal reasonable cause for “search and seizure”, for example.

Your Record And Honesty

Your charges are more likely to be dismissed if this is the first time you have ever been arrested. Be honest about your past with the lawyer so they can fight the best case for you. For example, you may have a record, but it could have been a case of you were at the wrong location at the wrong time of day. A deferred prosecution may be an option if you have misdemeanors – whereby if your conduct is upstanding, your case can be dismissed. Therefore, it is of paramount import your lawyer possesses a list of crimes attached to your record so a commendation can be made to impact the decisions made by the court.


A plea deal may be an option where it is not possible to obtain a dismissal and you plea to a lawyer charge in return for a sentence that is reduced. Probation is a possibility and if you obey the rules of said probation you can then return to be a free citizen. Jail time may be inevitable, but the time served will be shorter and a lesser sentence may be possible if you agree to enter an alcohol and drug counseling plan. This can be negotiated between the prosecutor and your lawyer.

Beating a Felony Drug Charge

There are solutions to felony drug cases butt with a comprehension of the charges and the laws they apply where you reside as well as honesty about your past and the benefit of an experienced lawyer, you can get the charges beaten or at least get the charges reduced. Canterbury Law Group understands the laws pertaining to drug offenses as well as the charges that result and have great experience is striking deals for their clients or obtaining case dismissals as well as making sure your fourth amendment rights have not been violated.

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