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How To Find A Bankruptcy Lawyer

How To Find A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Every profession has great, good, and poor practitioners and lawyers are no exception. We have all heard about lawyers who appeared to have no clue (as illustrated in popular culture by Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law, in “The Simpsons”) but there are also lawyers who are hugely talented. It should go without saying they are the ones you should aim for. Read on to learn more.


Do years count? Not always! An attorney may have practiced bankruptcy law for a quarter of a century but never really mastered the intricacies of the law. Similarly, although they may have twenty plus years great experience in certain fields, bankruptcy may not be one of them and it is more doubtful they will have the skills you require. You need to seek out a lawyer who has ample experience in small business and consumer bankruptcy law – an attorney who has the respect of his fellow professionals, including judges.


Once an attorney has graduated from law school and passes the state bar examination, it really can be said their learning is just commencing. In essence, that’s why its called the “practice of law” in that a lawyer is always learning.  Attorneys prime their established skills with educational seminars. Education is absolutely essential with the totally different bankruptcy laws. Older concepts just do not apply any longer. Even the most skilled attorney cannot master the subject simply bey reading up on it. There are organizations that conduct continuing education and seminars like the American Bankruptcy Institute (“ABI”), the  National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (“ NACBA”), and various bar associations.


You need an attorney who will listen to you before they tell you what you should be doing. A one-size-fits-all method is not suitable when it comes to the dispensing of legal advice and never more so than when it does not deal with the issues that need addressing. It is vital you find an attorney who is willing to listen to the facts of your situation and ask the questions they need too so they are fully able to comprehend the particular circumstances of your case. Above all, they must listen to what you have to say and then review the facts within the context of existing law. This is the only way they can give you the finest advice.

According to NerdWallet, one of the best ways to find a bankruptcy attorney is to “seek personal referrals from friends or family or your own attorney.”  With today’s technology, another good way to find one is through the internet and various online review sources.

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