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How To Find A Criminal Lawyer

Do I Have to Talk to the Police

A good start is to go online and search for lawyers who practice criminal law located close to you.

  1. If you need financial help to hire an attorney, it is a good idea to contact a pro bono service or a lawyer who works with legal aid from your online search. Although you need to register (it is free) Legal Match is also a good website for finding reputable criminal lawyers.Remember, the state must provide and pay for an attorney on your behalf when you cannot afford to pay for an attorney. Usually, an attorney from the local Public Defender’s Office will be appointed to represent you in court.

    Considerations When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

    • How much you can afford
    • The type of criminal lawyer you need to use
    • The location of the lawyer
    • Your comfort level of working with the lawyer
    • The career experience of the lawyer
    • The educational background of the lawyer

    When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

    When facing charges for committing a crime, you should contact a lawyer without delay. An experienced criminal lawyer can let you know defenses available and work on a legal strategy to assure the best possible outcome to your case. They will also inform you of your legal rights and ensure you are fully protected. They can also help you negotiate a plea bargain as well as answer questions and offer legal advice through the entire legal process. 

Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Scottsdale or Phoenix?

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*This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please contact Canterbury Law Group today to learn more about your personal legal needs.

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