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Never Take a Plea Bargain

Never Take a Plea Bargain

Facing criminal charges is stressful. You want to tell your side of the story, but the District Attorney offers you to enter a guilty plea as charged. You want to get this case over with as soon as possible. You should not accept a plea deal without the advice of an attorney.

Resist Making a Snap Decision

At Arraignment, the District Attorney or prosecutor may offer a plea deal. If you make a snap decision and agree now, you might regret it later. Many criminal convictions have collateral consequences with a long-term negative impact. 

First Plea Deal is Seldom the Best

A criminal defense attorney can get a better offer later in the case. As the case proceeds, the State will take a closer look at the evidence. The closer the case gets to a trial, the more likely the State will consider further options when proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt in front of a jury.

Understand Collateral Consequences

When the District Attorney offers a plea deal, it might include a fine or jail time.. The plea deal does not address the collateral consequences. A criminal defense attorney will go over the pros and cons of any plea deal with you so that you can fully understand the ramifications of your decision..

You Have the Right to a Trial

It’s vital to comprehend when facing a criminal charge that you have the constitutional right to a trial. At trial, the State must prove to a finder of fact that you committed the crime as charged beyond a reasonable doubt.

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