Real Estate Partnerships

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Real Estate Partnerships

Land Deals and Entity Formations

The attorneys at Canterbury Law Group have detailed experience in the buying and selling of land and can assist developer clients identify, pursue, control, acquire, close and improve land assets whether used for residential or other land uses.

The law firm deeply understands the pre-acquisition due diligence process and the precise details and objectives which should be attained prior to closing on any complex land acquisition investment which frequently involves substantial investment dollars. Each client’s real estate acquisition is handled with care to minimize risk and maximize upside for each investment made.

The legal team at Canterbury Law Group provides business and real estate entity creation services for clients in the Arizona, California, Nevada and New York. Our dynamic, no-nonsense group of lawyers will help you create the necessary entity to obtain the crucial protections when engaging in business or real estate transactions. Our attorneys have years of experience in real estate and we are committed to helping you succeed as a business or investor.

Business Entity Creation

The law offers various business entities, depending on the size and the nature of the business. Our team of lawyers and paralegals draft the legal documents for limited liability company (LLC) establishment, which is one of the most popular business entity options and provides sufficient protection in most cases. We also help our clients with the formation of partnerships, including limited partnerships (LP,) limited liability partnerships (LLP) and corporations (S-corps and C-corps.)

Real Estate Entity Creation

Forming a business entity is critical if you are a real estate investor. The business entity will protect you from personal liability as you continue with real estate transactions. When working with us, we will strategize for you. We will help you form a real estate LLC, a real estate partnership or a real estate corporation. As an accomplished real estate law firm, we understand the benefits and liabilities of the various real estate entity options, including tax repercussions. After the creation of the entity, we will confirm that your real estate investments are held properly so that you benefit from the entity’s protections. At Canterbury Law Group in Phoenix and Scottsdale we assist clients with all phases of real estate transactions, being your trusted legal counsel from beginning to end.

When you choose Scottsdale-based Canterbury Law Group as your legal advisors, be confident in your selection. We limit the number and type of cases we undertake so clients receive our full attention. Our team also works closely on all of our matters, bringing a unique mix of expertise to all of our practice areas.

Canterbury Law Group solves problems and helps navigate you toward success and helps you reach your goals. Our lawyers are dealmakers, not deal breakers, and we will do everything in our power to deliver our legal services on time, and under budget so you can get back to your core focus.

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