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What is a Family Lawyer?

What is a Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are attorneys who specialize in family law. For example, some of the issues within their field of knowledge include guardianship, family lawyers and divorce. They can be mediators in a dispute between family members and represent individuals in conflicts within a family that go to court. Read on to learn more.

Divorce Issues

A family law attorney may act as a mediator between two people seeking a divorce and help to settle outstanding matters in a manner that is calm. They can look at issues from a rational and objective standpoint and within the parameters of the law. In many cases, an experienced family lawyer can play a valuable role in the divorce process by being able to reach a fair middle ground for the involved parties, without the need to go to court.

Estates And Wills

Family lawyers can help people draft wills that deal with how individuals want their property to be managed when they pass away. A family lawyer can also administer the will to ensure the wishes of the deceased are abide by.

Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody in basic terms is an agreement between the parents of a child or children and both parents must agree with and stick to the terms of the child custody agreement. A family lawyer is useful in that they can draft a child custody agreement and help make amendments if needed.

Prenuptial Arrangements

This is a contract a couple sign prior to a civil union or marriage. Although the nature of the details of any prenuptial agreement varies, the central purpose is to state the ways property will be divided and levels of spousal support paid should the marriage or civil union fail. A family lawyer is versed to assist in the draft of such an agreement. They can also deal with any issues as well as offering their practical experience to ensure everything is adhered too from a legal standpoint.

Representing Litigants

Sadly, some family disputes do end up in court and a family lawyer can help a litigant get the justice they deserve as they have the knowledge and experience to handle these delicate situations in front of a state court judge.

The importance of family lawyers should now be clear. They have the ability, knowledge and experience to help people resolve situations like prenuptial agreements, child custody, estate agreements, divorce as well as other legal issues that may impact families.

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