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What To Wear To Divorce Mediation

What To Wear To Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation proceedings will feature three individuals: you, your soon to be ex, and the mediating attorney. Typically, these meetings call for a more informal dress due to the fact that they are designed to facilitate productive discussions between spouses. It is important to be mindful of what you wear, though, as you want to send the appropriate message to both your ex and the attorney during this process.

How To Pick An Outfit For Divorce Mediation

Individuals should refrain from showing up to mediation wearing something provocative. The same goes for wearing high-priced clothing or even flaunting a new engagement ring. This may only provoke your ex or lead to more aggression/hostility during this process. Always be respectful of the trying circumstances and come dressed appropriately for a cooperative and relaxed meeting.

It’s recommended to arrive early to mediation with your clothes neat and clean. Comfortable clothing is okay to wear, but your outfit may upset your ex, leading to unproductive side conversations. Mediation offers a calmness unlike court proceedings, yet you still need to remain respectful.

What To Wear To Collaborative Divorce Meetings

A business casual look will usually suffice if both spouses choose to engage in a collaborative divorce process. This look makes sense since you will be meeting with lawyers and other professionals in this setting.

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