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How Much Does a Lawyer Charge For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How Much Does a Lawyer Charge For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The average cost a lawyer charges for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $1,350 with costs varying from $1,200 to $1,500 for the US in 2020. That said, the charges can vary and be greater than this depending on your location, the complications associated with the case and the experience your lawyer has. For example, you may find it costs as little as $4,500 but sometimes can be upwards of $2,200.

Factors Affecting Fees

  • If you live in certain states, Attorneys will charge more for the same services. The cheapest state in the US to file bankruptcy is North Dakota while the most expensive states are Nevada, Maine and New Hampshire, often up to three times as much.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcies for businesses wishing to continue operations are far more costly and complicated than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, hence the lower cost of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually somewhere between the price of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases.
  • A simple case where you have just one [profession, simple credit card debt and only basic assets will probably cost less than when you have a spouse, six children, winnings from betting on horses, tax debt, a mortgage, a vacation home in Florida and a wide range of physical assets.
  • An experienced attorney will cost more than an inexperienced one but if your case is complex, it may be worthwhile to have the experienced attorney.

Excessive Fees

Courts do not want people paying too much in attorney fees when they file for bankrupt. An attorney has to disclose the fees charges on a special form called “Disclosure of Compensation.” The appointed trustee reviews this and if they consider excessive fees to have been charged, a motion can be filed requesting the judge to return part of the fee or cancel the fee. The person filing for bankruptcy can also file that charge.

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