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New Years Resolutions for your Pest Control or Landscape Company

The New Year is upon us. Many of us make personal resolutions and many fail at keeping them. It should also be the time to make resolutions for your business. Here are some to consider:

Do you have a regular training program for your technicians? Consider dividing the year into twelve key topics and teaching one per month. Keep track of the attendance at these training sessions and keep the agenda for each meeting. These records become part of your training for purposes of trying to avoid joint responsibility if there is a violation by a technician.

Your customers are your biggest business asset.  Are you responding to their concerns or even know what concerns they have? Some companies use the New Year to call their customers and ask how things are going. Others leave a survey with the technician on his/her visit. Find out what is going well and what is not.

As stated above, your biggest asset is your customer base. Is it protected from a technician leaving and starting a competitive business? We have drafted hundreds of employee covenants to protect customers. Perhaps you have an employee covenant, but it is old and in need of review. We do that for no charge and let you know of any problems.

How do your technicians look when they arrive at a job site? Are they in uniform? Is their vehicle clean and not leaking? These simple things raise the trust factor in your company. Consider them.

You have confidential information and may not know it. Do you have customers’ unlisted phone numbers? If so, these are not publicly available and may enjoy trade secret protection. But, you must take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality. Do you have a program to ensure confidential information is returned to the office and not disseminated elsewhere? We can help with that if you have questions.

Everyone knows insurance is a fact of life. Unfortunately, many folks shop by price knowing little about what they are buying. Insurance can be complicated and a good agent will help you decide which risks to insure. When was the last time you had your insurance package reviewed? Isn’t it time?

Just like insurance, contracts are a part of our life. Perhaps you cobbled together a contract from other companies or from the internet. But does it do what you want? Are you getting all of the protections you should have? This is something to think about and consider in the New Year.

From us at Canterbury Law Group, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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