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How To Prepare For Divorce?

How To Prepare for Divorce

Firstly, visit at least three attorneys before you decide to hire one. Remember if you can settle without litigation it will be less expensive and stressful. When that is not possible, the value of an attorney becomes increasingly important. Two things to remember:

  • Your attorney understands the need for a quick settlement
  • Your attorney will fight for you should that become necessary

Read on to learn more.

Determine Your Assets

While some assets are marital property are plain, others need to be split in an equitable manner such as financial accounts and vehicles. This may also include pensions, inheritances, artwork or other belongings obtained during the course of the marriage. List al lthe assets you can think of and obtain their current value and where the asset was obtained and whether it was an individual purchase or with joint funds. Also keep a copy of any recent real estate appraisals. Let you attorney have all of this information and maintain a copy for yourself.

Determine Your Liabilities

Marital debt will be split according to who has the greatest ability to pay. Obtain a copy of your credit report that will include listed dent. You then need to gather outstanding statements from people you owe money too and again keep a copy for yourself and hand a copy to your attorney.

Determine Your Income

You will need income details for both parties, including tax returns and pay stubs. When one party is self employed, bank account statements and business statements can be utilized. Pass all of this info to your attorney (again keeping a copy) so they can work on the true income amount.

Post Divorce Budget

You then need to establish your living costs once the divorce has been finalized. Some expenses will need to be estimated but you need to know the totals it will take so you can make it in your new life. This will also give you an idea of what you need to ask for should you have to go to court.

Establishing Your Credit

If there is no credit in your name only, you can apply for a credit card. any find when they are post-marriage, obtaining credit to be tough because they shared credit with their ex for so long. Once you have obtained the card make sure it is fully paid every single month to help you obtain an advantageous credit score.

Financial Accounts Protection And Evaluation

Sometimes, the raiding of financial accounts can occur during the divorce process. Therefore, it is vital you are protected that joint accounts are not cleaned out. You can open accounts in your name and remove fifty percent of the funds from the joint account. Do not conceal this and do not spend any money in an unwise manner. Consider freezing any investment accounts or saving accounts you may have. These are all things to speak with your attorney about.

Closing Joint Credit Accounts

Ideally, close all joint credit accounts before commencing divorce proceedings. You can offer to close accounts at a lesser rate but be sure to obtain a letter from the creditor saying the account has been paid in full and nothing negative will be filed to the credit report agencies. If a balance cannot be met, the account should be frozen. Once the divorce has been finalized, the debt can be transferred to whoever the court decides has the responsibility for payment. Let creditors know you are going through a divorce process as well as updating them on any address changes. Ensure all credit card bills are paid, even if it means posting minimum payments on accounts you think your spouse will ultimately have to take responsibility for.

Don’t Move!

You do not have to move out unless you are facing abuse. Remember, if you move out and your partner is paying the mortgage, it may impact the decision made regarding the division of property. Be sure to document any contributions you make to the mortgage payment, should you decide it is in your best interests to move out.

Impacting Your Kids Education

It may help your kids education if they remain in the marital home and can attend the same school as they did prior to the divorce process. These are things that can be negotiated with your spouse through your attorney to obtain the ideal outcome for your kids, your security and your finances. Moving out can impact your case – only do so once you have spoken with your attorney. Some states say a judge will consider a motion from your attorney for a temporary possession of the home order before the divorce court that is pending. This may be worth investigating. In an abusive scenario, you need to take whatever steps are needed for protection. leave if you are in danger – and discuss the issue with your attorney. You may be in a position where your spouse can be legally removed from the home.

Good Behavior

Understand the divorce process means you cannot commence a hedonistic lifestyle. On the contrary, your life and current behavior will be under a harsh spotlight through the divorce process. So, it is best not to date, party, indulge in drunken behavior, etc. When custody is going to be an issue ,your child, or children, have to be top priority, no exceptions! Sexual frustration can become part of the equation and is something you would be very wise to consider with the thou thought that once you are divorced, you are free to fully discover that aspect of your being once again. Use this as a time to draw closer to friends and family, heal emotionally and physically, embrace your spiritual realm, but above all, be a good person with a level head, and their priorities firmly grounded.

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