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How To Emotionally Prepare For Divorce

How To Emotionally Prepare For Divorce

Divorce changes many aspects of your life, so careful planning and a levelheaded approach is essential. Read on for some tips to assist in making the best decisions for your future.

Have You Tried Everything?

When you look at your marriage, have you done everything within your power to salvage the relationship? The last thing you want to do is look back in the future and ask yourself if there were issues you should have addressed before proceeding down this road. The whole process, although stressful, will be easier if outstanding issues are addressed before moving forward with your life.

Move Forward With Purpose

Having tried everything and decided to go through the process of divorce, it is time to adopt an efficient and business style approach to the situation. Of course, there will be a whole gamut of emotions you will digest. But if those emotions hijack your ability to think clearly, you may wind up in situations that are not in your best interests over the long haul.  Be ready to be strong, smart and prepared and to accept the inevitable emotions that headed for you both.

Everyone Can Have Bad Days

Individuals learn from experiencing discomfort, even when the discomfort on an emotional level may be very uncomfortable. Trying to overcome or avoid these emotions in a non-beneficial way may end up posing a threat to the conclusions of your divorce as well as custodial and parenting issues as you move forward. Inevitably, a degree of suffering is part of the human experience. Acceptance of that often makes events easier to cope with.  Your spouse may also ratchet down their own emotions if they see you doing the same.


Sometimes it is difficult not to constantly think about the pending divorce, but this is not typically productive. Let your divorce attorney handle the details.  A good idea is to categorize your time and set out a schedule to when you will deal with pending case issues. For example, you may decide after a certain time of day you will no longer engage in communication about the divorce. Allocate certain periods of time to focus on other matters such as yourself, your job, your child or children and your friends. Getting into this routine will help you remain fresh and focused when dealing with divorce issues.  Less is more; let the professionals handle your case.


Mind practices like meditation or a spiritual practice, if you ae so inclined may help too. It is important, above all, to live well, eat sensibly and be mindful of your need for sleep. This will help you make more balanced decisions.

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