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What Is A Divorce Decree?

What Is A Divorce Decree

A divorce decree is the final document in the marriage termination process. It states the judgments and finals rulings of the court and is an official judge signed document. Although every decree is different, the decree has the role of detailing the duties and rights of the parties involved in the divorce case.

Obviously, the importance of divorce decrees cannot be understated because until the decree is issued the process of divorce has not been completed. In circumstances when they are not completed there may be issues with the post-decree possession of property, taxes, debt as well as other legal rights that need to be addressed.

Divorce Decree Contents

Divorce decrees often include:

  • Property division agreements
  • Alimony or spousal support obligations
  • Child visitation, support and custody details
  • The financial commitments for both parties

They typically also include the date the decree is effective as well as naming both parties as well as the case number for future reference.

Appeals And Modifications

In the normal course of events, divorce decrees are legally binding for both parties upon issuance. There are, however, some circumstances where a modification motion or an outright appeal may be applicable:

  • A modification may be available for certain issues such as custody rights, visitation or financial support obligations. In the majority of cases, property divisions cannot be modified further.
  • An appeal will often be very limited in scope, concentrating on errors that may have been made in the lower court’s legal rulings.  Appeals must be requested in very specific terms and the filing deadlines must without fail, be strictly satisfied. Facts of the case cannot be appealed, however issues of law can be appealed.

Divorce Decree Legal Help

Once issued and finalized, a divorce decree cannot easily be changed, emphasizing the importance of considering carefully all the actions you must take during the divorce process. This is why a proven divorce lawyer can capably assist in making sure all the bases are covered before the divorce decree is finalized.

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